Dark Waters


One of the things I’ve always wanted to do are D&D pick-up games: sessions where you can finally get to play that one character that you’ve always wanted too but never had a chance to, run monsters that wouldn’t make sense in a normal campaign, and tell stories from different points of view . They may (or may not) be connecting, but that is entirely up to the players.
For example, our maiden quest will be Valenar Elf focused, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be from Valenar; as long as you can you can justify why you are there I am cool with it!
We will have time beforehand to finish up any character creation since the adventures are subject to change. Since we will have characters of all different levels (I have a few high level encounters that you guys will love but low levels are always fun) I am open for ideas to reward players. Bonus xp on the next guy you make? Extra gold? A free feat?
If you guys can make it let me know, and I am always looking for more ideas. If there was something you always wanted to do in a campaign, I’ll work it in. If you want to DM a session or two, I am more than happy to turn over the screen.
There will be beer, (most likely) shisha, and barbeque.

Also, if anyone can get their hands on a truck so I can move some furniture into my new apartment, that’d be greatly appreciated.



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